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Apr. 24th, 2011

I need a legitimate life plan. Any suggestions? Spring is not bringing me new hope like it once did.


Yesterday was a total surprise on the getting things done front. I haven't had a productive day since my job and I parted ways mid-march. By 1:30 I had already washed my car, mowed the lawn, returned DVDs to both the library and Hollywood Video and gone grocery shopping. I made a big dinner and started to reorganize my sewing room. I have only four things left on my list for this weekend.
Put away clean laundry
Scan one book into the computer
Finish cleaning sewing room
find my new bowling towel (which I have lost twice since I got home)

Then there is the list for next week
Finish Hamper Cover
Plan potluck
make beer bread
Make one bag
scan another book
mow lawn

hopefully the rest of the week will be filled with accomplishments. Today seems unlikely for getting things done. Started out my day with a Grasshopper. Any day where breakfast includes alcoholic ice-cream drinks probably won't be very productive. Yesterday I opened Monica's Magic Bullet to make a smoothie and it's so cool that now I'm looking for any excuse to blend something. I've made a smoothie, guacamole, strawberry topping for a waffle, and the grasshopper. So exciting!

Sorry about how boring my LJ posts are.

Oh! I did almost finish the scarf I'm knitting for Ben. I just have to do some blocking. I'm also 5 inches in to the top I'm crocheting. To Jennie: Did you cry a little when you read the forward to Stitch 'N Bitch? Are books about knitting supposed to make me cry?

I've heard a rumor...

that spring is almost here. There is rain and melting (though I fear it won't last). I will be wearing shorts and drinking porch beers any day now. I need to put air in the tires of at least two of the bikes and possibly fix up the third one. I need to get everything in the basement off the floor before we start getting more water.

Tonight I am going to make veggie enchiladas with a cayenne corn sauce for dinner. I get to use the blender! Ben and I had quite the day out, we went to Hobby Lobby, Target, Pick 'N' Save, and the thrift bread store. Poor Ben...he hates shopping and all the people who are shopping, especially on Saturdays. But if I make Ben food and do the dishes he might love me again.

Still working on my crocheting, I did make a hat, but I didn't count toward my 2010 goal because it was small and ugly. Right now I am making squares for an afghan because it's good practice and easy to do at work. Once I've got my tension a little more even I will try another hat. The other goals have not been going as well, though most of them are summer/fall related.

The lady on TV is making chicken enchiladas, but I can tell mine are going to be about 10,0000x better. Which reminds me, I should get to it before Ben leaves me for another woman with a completed tray of enchiladas.
Beth has a new polyester dress. Blue. Matronly. Just how I like it.

Halfway done with my sewing project. Closer now that I've been to the craft emporiums.

I am glad for the gift cards that are feeding me.

I hate days off without Ben. I am bored and restless.


Ben and I finally had a day off together that didn't involve driving all day or a hectic schedule and it was pretty great. We played Scrabble (he kicked my ass), we had lunch at the New Moon (thanks to a gift certificate) and went to see Blind Side (thanks to a gift card). Date night on everyone else! Then we got cheese curds and ate them!

But then I added up my student loan payments and realized that even with the money I've been putting aside I can only make payments for five months before I'm out of money. The only reason I can pay this month without dipping into my savings is the money I got for my birthday. So I'm sort of panicking and I really need to find a lender to consolidate my loans.

On the bright side, I ate most of a bag of pistachios and sewed a bag for my new yoga mat (because I intend to branch out this year and do some new things).

Here is the list of things I want to do or try in 2010:
go ice skating/rollerblading (something I have done, but not in years)
target shoot with a handgun
join a softball team
learn enough to crochet a hat by the end of the year
finish my quilt
coach a Destination Imagination team
get into yoga

I'm sure there are other things on my list, but these are the ones that seem to have the most appeal. I'm going to start working to get into shape for softball and then try to find a league in Grafton. The shape I'm in right now they wouldn't want me in a senior citizen's league, much less a league for people my age. I'll need something to motivate me in these long next couple of months. Stupid winter.

Now I have to get ready for work and put break fluid in my car. Awesome.

Hopefully I can get something done in 2010.
I'm posting to my livejournal from a phone! ...My sister's phone...I feel so hip.

"Snow Day"

And so my day off turned into a "snow day." Which, for children, means no school and for adults means shoveling. A lot of it. OH HOW I HATE IT!

Today I:
made breakfast
shoveled the sidewalks
made cookies (oatmeal raisin and oatmeal cranberry)
did the dishes
steam mopped
fixed the garbage can
shoveled my car (not around my car...on my car)
shoveled the driveway
brought Monica's bike in
took a bath
shoveled the driveway again because our asshole neighbors plowed snow back over where I had shoveled
did more dishes

I am so glad that we have three shovels and three shovelers. It took like 2 hours even with all three of us. Never again will I live on a corner in a state where it snows.

MUST...HANG UP...LAUNDRY! (Seriously...I did it in November)
Tonight I'll be finishing some letter-writing and hopefully some wrapping and addressing.

Having to go to work stops me from getting anything accomplished...today was a good day for accomplishments. But work makes me hurt a whole lot less. Oh how I hurt.


And with these flurries has come winter and too has come the official change of user pics. Welcome Hiding Red Panda. I wish I had your fluffy tale and paws with undersides completely covered in fur. I wish I had your bandit's mask so that I might sneak into the homes of the warm or steal heat from the rich to give to the me.

On another note, I'm switching to OneSource Active Kids chewable vitamins. Their deliciousness should help me remember to take them. As it is my women's vitamins are getting me nowhere since I only take one a week. I really wanted Flintstones but they chose to make them with gelatin just like they do everything else.

Ben is home so now I will cuddle him and stop this writing.


Had a dream last night that I got a hot pink game boy color and a hot pink game boy advance for $5. Bitchin'. Got some games i don't remember as well, but that seemed unimportant. Also got lost while driving and so forth.

So it seems like any sort of alcohol in my system leaves me incredibly lethargic the next morning. I didn't wake up until almost noon. It also seems to leave me very hungry immediately after I drink leading me to eat say one third of a triple order of Toppers Stix or a bowl of cayenne potatoes with BBQ sauce. And I've been having some weird and terribly uncomfortable dreams. So I think I can't drink anymore for a while. I mean, I seriously only had two beers last night and there were still consequences...but I'm sorta a lightweight.


I've done almost everything on my list for today and tomorrow. All that is left is putting away laundry and playing DDR/Dancing With the Stars.

And the deliciousness is still to come. Maybe I'll make real chili instead of just chili burgers.

Why does it take so long for NBC 26 to show me the forecast? I want it now....and now that I see it I don't want it any more. TAKE IT BACK!!?! please? 20 degrees lower than normal!?! All week?!?!?! Well shit.

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