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I've heard a rumor...

that spring is almost here. There is rain and melting (though I fear it won't last). I will be wearing shorts and drinking porch beers any day now. I need to put air in the tires of at least two of the bikes and possibly fix up the third one. I need to get everything in the basement off the floor before we start getting more water.

Tonight I am going to make veggie enchiladas with a cayenne corn sauce for dinner. I get to use the blender! Ben and I had quite the day out, we went to Hobby Lobby, Target, Pick 'N' Save, and the thrift bread store. Poor Ben...he hates shopping and all the people who are shopping, especially on Saturdays. But if I make Ben food and do the dishes he might love me again.

Still working on my crocheting, I did make a hat, but I didn't count toward my 2010 goal because it was small and ugly. Right now I am making squares for an afghan because it's good practice and easy to do at work. Once I've got my tension a little more even I will try another hat. The other goals have not been going as well, though most of them are summer/fall related.

The lady on TV is making chicken enchiladas, but I can tell mine are going to be about 10,0000x better. Which reminds me, I should get to it before Ben leaves me for another woman with a completed tray of enchiladas.


Jan. 25th, 2010 06:55 pm (UTC)

I had to force myself to practice knitting for a week or two before I allowed myself to start a "real" project. It's excruciating, but it is worth it to mess around on squares for a while.
My problem is that now I am bored by squares and therefore will probably never make a kickass afghan.

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