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Yesterday was a total surprise on the getting things done front. I haven't had a productive day since my job and I parted ways mid-march. By 1:30 I had already washed my car, mowed the lawn, returned DVDs to both the library and Hollywood Video and gone grocery shopping. I made a big dinner and started to reorganize my sewing room. I have only four things left on my list for this weekend.
Put away clean laundry
Scan one book into the computer
Finish cleaning sewing room
find my new bowling towel (which I have lost twice since I got home)

Then there is the list for next week
Finish Hamper Cover
Plan potluck
make beer bread
Make one bag
scan another book
mow lawn

hopefully the rest of the week will be filled with accomplishments. Today seems unlikely for getting things done. Started out my day with a Grasshopper. Any day where breakfast includes alcoholic ice-cream drinks probably won't be very productive. Yesterday I opened Monica's Magic Bullet to make a smoothie and it's so cool that now I'm looking for any excuse to blend something. I've made a smoothie, guacamole, strawberry topping for a waffle, and the grasshopper. So exciting!

Sorry about how boring my LJ posts are.

Oh! I did almost finish the scarf I'm knitting for Ben. I just have to do some blocking. I'm also 5 inches in to the top I'm crocheting. To Jennie: Did you cry a little when you read the forward to Stitch 'N Bitch? Are books about knitting supposed to make me cry?


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Apr. 5th, 2010 01:42 am (UTC)
If books about knitting make you cry, you're a knitter. It's in your blood. :)

And hey-congrats on the scarf for Ben! Pictures when done?
Apr. 5th, 2010 06:11 pm (UTC)
:D yes, pictures are to follow.
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